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Thursday, 30 July 2009 23:55


Getting into Penang is a breeze. Flights are readily available, the highways lead right into the town and there is even the good old railway! When one reaches Penang, there looms a question; is it a hassle getting around Penang? My answer…would be a big No!

On the contrary, travelling around beautiful Penang is indeed a joy. No matter where your destination is, may it be the beautiful beaches, historical monuments, packed streets or religious temples… there would definitely be some way suitable for you. All places are easily accessible and well connected. Of course, any mode of transport is dependent on your respective budget, so here is a list of choices that you can pick from.

The most common public transport in Penang would be the public buses. As the recent launch bus service in Penang, Rapid Penang definitely marked a total improvement to Penang public transportation system. With easy to read signboard, a proper route map and helpful drivers, the bus company seems to bring Penangites their well deserved proper bus service at last!

In conjunction with the booming tourist flocking to Penang recently, Rapid Penang decided to launch the Tourist Passport, billed as the “The One Pass to a Full Penang Experience!” Purchase a Rapid Penang Tourist Passport for only RM20 and enjoy a week of unlimited travel onboard all Rapid Penang buses and all routes serve by them.

Other than the paid buses, Penang has a free shuttle bus specially orientated for tourist! Don't miss out on this free service as it goes by the popular places within George Town’s inner city. The service known as the Rapid Penang CAT runs from 6am to midnight daily.
If you want to travel in Penang by car, the options would be renting a private car or getting on the taxi. Renting a car in Penang is not that expensive. For just RM150, you will be able to rent a relatively comfortable sedan car that can sit five people. Driving on your own will provide you with much needed freedom and flexibility. In Malaysia, the driver seat is on the right hand side with oncoming traffic on the right side of the road. There are speed limits on each and every road, and it varies from 60km on normal road to 110km on the highways and expressways. The parking fee for those public parking lots is usually around RM0.40 for every half an hour. In the island you either pay the legitimate parking attendant or slot coins into the parking meters, whereas in the mainland one need to buy parking coupons and display it on the dashboard of the car.

Taxis in Penang mostly do not use meter, however you can still insist the taxi driver to turn on their meter or agreed on the fix price first before you board. Traveling around the city area by taxis will normally cost around RM3 to RM10, which is quite cheap if you share the fare with your travelling companions. The fare from the airport to Penang Road in George Town is about RM40.

Taking a beca (trishaw ride) is another interesting way of sightseeing. The modern beca is a pedal-powered trishaw rather than one that’s pulled by runners. It ferries tourists through narrow lanes, offering them a closer view of the neighbourhood in an unhurried manner. The nostalgic feeling sitting on top of the three wheeled beca is indeed an unforgettable experience. There is no standard fare so therefore it would be wise to agree on the price first before getting on the beca. For extended sightseeing, you may consider hiring them on the hourly basis as it may be cheaper.

Another inexpensive and fun way of exploring Penang would be on the motorcycles and bicycles. There are stores along the hotel stretch of Batu Ferringhi and in the city area such as Chulia Street that offer these vehicles for hire. Most of the rental charges are pretty standard and quite affordable at RM20 per day with a deposit of RM100 per motorbike.

The simplest and probably the most interesting way would be walking through the streets and allies of the town. Be on the lookout for the two way traffic. It’s best to start off early in the morning. It is also recommended that visitors take a ride on the iconic ferry that run between the island and the mainland. One will be able to capture a magnificent view of the island on the ride back from the mainland. Tickets are purchase only at the Butterworth terminal.

Penang basically has it all, regardless of budget and interests. Take time to survey the abundance of choice of transport and you are bound to have a convenient and enjoyable way of getting around Penang!


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